"Any auction prides itself on being somewhat of a show. When Charlie Ross is auctioning, he is the show."


Source: Andrew T. Ramer

Past President of Ocean Tomo Auctions, LLC

What People Say About Charlie

Without doubt the finest auctioneer I have ever seen in action is Mr Charlie Ross. Charlie's vast experience and ease on the rostrum, combined with his charm and quick wit, enable him to engage and keep total control of a room that is sometimes as large as two thousand people.


David Gooding | President & CEO, Gooding & Company

The auction skills of Charlie Ross are rivalled by no one. His ability to warm up a room and make auction participants feel right at home is what continues to draw crowds, get more bidding, and result in his many world record sales.


Andrew Ramer | Past President, Ocean Tomo Auctions

My wife and I want to congratulate you on the fantastic job you did for us at the Dorchester... you were an inspiration and I hope we will keep in touch with you.


David Shepherd OBE | The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

You were absolutely brilliant! Thank you so very much I couldn't have asked for a more successful evening, and all that you did for us was a HUGE part of that... you've spoilt me for anyone else now.


Jane Asher | President, The National Autistic Society

You were absolutely phenomenal and made a real difference to the amount we raised on the evening. Your energy and exuberance is fantastic to watch and makes any auction not only raise a staggering amount but is also extremely entertaining for all our guests.


Claire Wormley | Head of Fundraising, The Brain Tumour Charity

I'm never quite sure how you keep up your amazing energy levels Charlie, however I'm so glad that you do because without you we wouldn't have been able to raise even half as much money as we did.


Alice Pink | Head of Major Events, CLIC Sargent

I cannot thank you enough for being the Best Auctioneer in the World. In all my years of fundraising, you are the best auctioneer I have seen at work and you did us proud.


Karen Sugarman | Director of Fundraising, Shooting Star Chase

...we had a charity auction, run by Charlie Ross, unquestionably the best charity auctioneer I have ever come across


Eddie Jordan | Founder and Owner, Jordan Grand Prix

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